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Employment Opportunity


Egyptian Expedition at the University of Arizona

The University of Arizona Egyptian Expedition is seeking a full-time Research Specialist who will perform literature reviews and other research tasks for a maritime-related archaeological field project. The ideal candidate will have a doctorate (or M.A. with demonstrated research ability at doctoral /post-doctoral level), and reading fluency in French and at least Italian or German. Initial appointment for 10 mos., with possibility of renewal.

Details at

Pearce Paul Creasman, Director, Egyptian Expedition

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bronze not stone
limestone relief probably from Hermopolis, Middle Egypt; probably originally from Amarna (Akhetataen); h. 22.8 cm (9 in); w. 25.4 cm (10 in). Purchased from Atlantis Antiquities Ltd., New York, 1991.The relief is understood to have been previously with Jack Ogden, London. Previously published by G. Roeder, Amarna-Reliefs aus Hermopolis (1969), pl. 179 and 208 PC (Private Collection) 66 and 251, subsequently joined.
This coffin can be seen and rotated in 3D at
What are the specific physical charaeristics of this object that you believe make it a fake?
What do you mean by "fake"? Could this be the work of an unskilled artist, or a reproduction like what we would now find in a museum gift shop, or simply a different concept or style of the "original"?
Interesting piece of decorated architecture!

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Image courtesy of Dr. David Anderson, University of Wisconsin La Crosse