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The Egyptology Photographers Group is for those interested in photographing Egyptological artifacts, including objects in museums, collections and at digs. Possible topics include discussions of new and interesting equipment and techniques. It is for those seeking assistance and those willing to share the lessons of their defeats.
This major exhibition explores the artistic interplay between the three great cultures of Egypt, Greece, and Rome from about 2000 BC to AD 300. Highlights include finely crafted vessels sent by Egypt’s pharaohs to Crete and Mycenae, Egyptian statues that served as inspiration for the first Greek sculptors, striking portraits blending Egyptian and classical styles, and luxurious objects made for wealthy Romans obsessed with all things Egyptian.
This is my Upload page for pictures that I have not yet fully processed. Fully processed pictures of mine are at agluck1955. Please contact me if you have an interest in having me take photographs of your objects or collection.
From the British Museum, a 3D Rendered false Door.

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